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Software TitleCategoryPlatformLocation
Adobe Acrobat DCPDF Document creator/EditorMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
Adobe Creative CloudOffice Productivity: Office SuitesMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
Adobe Flash PlayerVideo Viewer/Streamer plug-inMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
AnacondaProgramming Language for Python and RMacSouth 345
ArcGIS DesktopMapping/GISWindowsVirtual Lab
ArcGIS DesktopMapping/GISWindowsAll public computer labs
Audacity + LAMEAudio Editor/RecorderMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
BeamwrightLight Beam spread calculatorMacBrodie 202
BlenderCAD/ModelingMac + WindowsAll public computer labs


Screenwriting SoftwareMac

Brodie 202

CeltxScreenwriting SoftwareMacSouth 345
ChemDraw PrimeChemical Structure CreatorWindowsVirtual Lab
ChemDraw PrimeChemical Structure CreatorMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
CompressorVideo and Audio compression and encodingMacSouth 345
Final Cut ProVideo Post-Production studioMacSouth 345
FinaleMusic Creation StudioMacBrodie 202
GarageBandMusic Creation StudioMacAll public computer labs
Google ChromeWeb BrowserWindowsVirtual Lab
Google ChromeWeb BrowserMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
Google EarthMapping/GISMacAll public computer labs
Google Earth ProMapping/GISWindowsAll public computer labs
graphvizGraph Visualization softwareMacAll public computer labs
IBM SPSSData Analysis: QuantitativeWindowsVirtual Lab
IBM SPSSDatat Analysis: QuantitativeWindowsAll public computer labs
iMovieVideo Editing ToolMacAll public computer labs
LightwrightTheatrical Lighting SoftwareMacBrodie 202
MapleMathWindowsVirtual Lab
MapleMathMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
MathcadMathWindowsAll public computer labs
MathematicaMathWindowsVirtual Lab
MathematicaMathMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
MATLABMathWindowsVirtual Lab
MATLABMathMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
Microsoft OfficeOffice productivity: Office SuitesMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
Microsoft Office 365Office Productivity: Office SuitesWindowsVirtual Lab
Microsoft SilverlightWeb Browser plug-inMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
MinitabData Analysis: QuantitativeWindowsVirtual Lab
MinitabData Analysis: QuantitativeWindowsAll public computer labs
MotionCreate and Edit Motion graphicsMacSouth 345
Mozilla FirefoxWeb BrowserMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
Oracle JavaCoding SoftwareMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
PeaZipCross-Platform File ArchiverWindowsAll public computer labs
Pro ToolsDigital Audio WorkstationMacBrodie 202
PyCharm EduCode Completion SoftwareMacSouth 345
RData Analysis: QuantitativeMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
Respondus Lockdown BrowserWeb Browser: Add-ons/plug-insMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
RStudioData Analysis: QuantitativeMac + WindowsAll public computer labs
SpartanMolecular Modeling PackageWindowsAll public computer labs
Spartan StudentMolecular Modeling PackageWindowsVirtual Lab
TAMSAnalyzerText Analysis Markup SystemMacAll public computer labs
TI-Nspire CX CAS Student Software
WindowsVirtual Lab
MacBrodie 202
MacSouth 345
Mac + WindowsAll public computer labs
MacSouth 329
WindowsSouth 329
WindowsUnion 110
WindowsUnion 110B
MacSouth 345

Computer Lab Policy

Login is Required
Campus computing patrons must log into all machines in Geneseo's computer labs. Login will provide access to the computer and the printers in the labs. A valid login consists of your Geneseo email username and password.

Do not store files on lab computers.

Lab computers automatically delete profiles in order to conserve limited hard drive space and improve performance. It is highly recommended that lab patrons store their files on removable media (Thumb Drives, External Hard Drives, SD Cards) or on cloud storage (Google Drive, Drop Box, OneDrive, & iCloud Drive).

Remember to Logout.

When you are finished using a computer in the lab, don't forget to logout. If you do not logout, the next person who uses that computer will have access to all of your personal files - including your email. The next user will also be able to print using your allocation of print balance.

Windows 10: Click on the Windows Start Button (squares in the lower left); on the left side, click on the circle icon with a person and select "sign out" or use the "Log Off" icon on the desktop.
Macintosh OS X: Click on the Apple menu; select Log Out.

Most computer labs have a printer in the room or a PublicToshiba located nearby: Cloud Printing at Geneseo

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