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  1. If you are not currently setup for Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) you will see the following screen when you login to a Geneseo service
  2. Click Next to begin the setup process for SSPR
  3. On the Keep your account secure screen you will have a few different options 
      1. Select Option A to continue and configure the Microsoft Authentication App as your first authentication method, you will need to find and download the Microsoft Authenticator app in the app store on your cellular device or tablet
      2. Select Option B if you already have an authentication app installed on your device such as Google Authenticator, Authy, 1Password or others
      3. Select Option C if you do not wish to use an authentication app on your device
    1. If you selected Option A or Option B follow the prompts to continue setting up the authenticator app on your cellular device or tablet to add that authentication method 
    2. If you selected Option C you will need to select Phone from the drop down menu
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      2. Click Confirm and follow the prompts to either receive a text message with a code or a phone call to add this method
  4. After setting up the first method you will be taken back to the initial screen to select and setup a second authentication method
    1. If you did not setup an authenticator app the first time, you will be prompted again to set it up, you can again choose to select an alternative method 
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    3. Select a method and click Confirm to continue the setup process for the second method
  5. Once you have configured two methods you will reach a success screen
  6. At this point you can click Done 
    1. You will be redirected to the service you were trying to login to initially
  7. We strongly recommend setting up additional authentication methods by visiting


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