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Here's an article with some of the recommendations & best practices we've put together for Faculty using Zoom.

Host (Professor) needs at least a Basic account to schedule a meeting (a Pro account if the meeting has more than 2 participants and will go longer than 40 minutes).  Participants (students) do not need any level of account to take part in a meeting.

At the start of each meeting, the host needs to log into their Zoom account with their Geneseo credentials.  It is recommended they check their audio & video settings at this time.  Use of a headset with built-in microphone is strongly recommended for all participants.  This will lead to better quality audio, and reduce the possibility of getting feedback.  When scheduling the session through the Zoom web portal, it’s recommended to select “Mute participants upon entry” in Settings.  That way if a participant enters the meeting late, they won’t disrupt the meeting with unwanted noise.  You can also set video cameras to be muted upon entry for the same reason.


A couple of other interesting options available to Pro Account Geneseo account holders are Polls and Break-out rooms.  Both need to be enabled in advance when scheduling the meeting.  If you’re going to use Polls (can be used in the place of quizzes), you should have the questions/answer options prepared in advance.  Break-out rooms are useful for group work.