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Type of StudentWhen Eligibility BeginsWhen Eligibility Ends
Domestic Matriculated Undergraduate Students~1 hour after after deposit has been processed by Admissions.
  • When Admission is rescinded or cancelled.
  • 6 months after they are marked as inactive. Student accounts are limited access 2 weeks after they are marked inactive.
  • For undergraduate students accounts become disabled 6 months after the student is marked as inactive meaning they have not been enrolled and are not on a leave, providing the student has not been admitted for a current or future semester or does not have an active graduate admissions application for an upcoming term.

  • Graduating Students: Accounts become disabled 6 months after their graduation is entered into Banner.
  • Note students retain access only to Google Workplace services during the 6 months after they are marked as inactive. (2020 graduates will keep their account until July 1 of 2021)
  • Leaves are handled by the Office of Enrollment Management

    Office of Enrollment Services SUNY Geneseo
    312 Doty Hall 1 College Circle
    Geneseo, New York 14454
    Phone: (585) 245-5619
    Fax: (585) 245-5005

Non-matriculated Students~1 hour after application has been processed by the Registrar's Office.
Domestic and International Graduate Students~1 hour after admitted by graduate admissions
International Students?Study Abroad Students~1 hour after processed by International Student Services.
LIVES StudentsWhen notified by LIVES coordinatorWhen notified by LIVES Coordinator