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  1. Login to KnightWeb via the KnightWeb tile in
    Suny Geneseo Knights
  2. Click on the "Faculty Services" menu option.

    Faculty Services
  3. Click on the "Advisor Menu" option.

    Advisor Menu
  4. Click on the "Student Advising Profile" menu option

  5. Click the "View My Advisee Listing" link
  6. If desired, click the "Filter" button in the upper right corner of the list of advisees.
    1. Update the filter fields as desired.  For example:
      Filter Records
    2. Click the "Go" button.
      Go Button
  7. Click the "Email All" button near the top right of the list of students.
    Email All

  8. A popup window should appear, allowing you to send an email through your email client (Thunderbird, Google Gmail (Chrome), etc).


You may need to enable popups from A warning should appear if there is a problem.


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