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Notice: In the event of any conflict between information in this web site and the archived copy of the Governing Documents as maintained by the Presiding Officer of the Faculty, the information contained in the archived Governing Documents shall prevail.

Standing Rules of the Faculty of SUNY Geneseo

(As Amended April 2015)

I. Elected faculty representation on the campus auxiliary services board of directors

1. Three full time teaching faculty members shall serve on the CAS Board of Directors. The length of the term shall be 3 years. Re election to the Board is permitted. The terms of the elected representatives to the CAS board shall be staggered, so that each year one new member will be elected.

2. Eligibility: Members of the full time teaching faculty are eligible to serve as faculty representative on the CAS Board of Directors.

3. Procedures: Each year, the CAS Board will produce a slate of at least two nominees for the open faculty representative on the CAS Board. The slate of nominees will be presented at an All-College meeting in the Spring semester. Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor. All members of the teaching faculty are eligible to vote. The elections will be carried out under the direction of the Senate Chair and Senate Executive Committee. The winner of the election will be recommended to the Senate Chair for appointment to the CAS Board. Terms begin on Graduation day following the election.

4. Vacancies: In the event of a vacancy, the candidate receiving the next highest number of votes in the election in which the person needing to be replaced was elected will be recommended to the Senate Chair for appointment to the CAS Board. If this person is unwilling to serve, then the replacement will be selected by the Senate Executive Committee. Replacement will be for the remainder of the term only.

II: Participation

1: If a faculty member who holds any governance office or position becomes unable to fulfill the duties of that office for a period greater than 30 days, and if that faculty member wishes to return to service before the end of his or her term, then the faculty member must notify the Presiding Officer of the Faculty within that 30 days.

2. If no notification is received, that office or position will be considered vacant.  The process for filling such a vacancy as defined elsewhere in the Constitution will be initiated.

3. If notification of intent to return to service is received within 30 days, the position or office is not considered vacant.  However, if the expected duration of the absence is one semester or greater, the Presiding Officer of the Faculty, at his or her discretion, may fill the position on a temporary basis by following the same procedure as would be used to fill a vacancy.

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