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<div style="width: 470px; height: 534px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"><img src="" style="display: block; width: 470px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" usemap="#OrgChMap" alt="Governance Organizational Chart" title="Governance Organizational Chart" /></div>

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<!--This defines the clickable regions in the Org Chart image-->
<map id="OrgChMap" name="OrgChMap">
<area alt="College President" title="College President" coords="20,16,96,51" href="" shape="rect" />
<area alt="Committees of the College" title="Committees of the College" coords="49,91,155,133" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Research Council" title="Research Council" coords="49,164,155,189" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Strategic Planning Group" title="Strategic Planning Group" coords="49,200,155,238" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="College Assessment Council" title="College Assessment Council" coords="49,249,155,297" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Budget Priorities Committee" title="Budget Priorities Committee" coords="49,297,155,335" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Honorary Degree and Speaker Cmte" title="Honorary Degree and Speaker Cmte" coords="49,347,155,374" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="The Faculty" title="The Faculty" coords="111,15,214,51" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Faculty Officers" title="Faculty Officers" coords="228,15,286,51" href="" shape="rect" /> <area alt="Committees of the Faculty" title="Committees of the Faculty" coords="181,88,286,133" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Committee on Nominations and Elections" title="Committee on Nominations and Elections" coords="181,150,286,187" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Undergraduate Academic Standards Committee" title="Undergraduate Academic Standards Committee" coords="181,202,286,240" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Faculty Personnel Committee" title="Faculty Personnel Committee" coords="181,254,286,292" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Professional Leave Review Committee" title="Professional Leave Review Committee" coords="181,306,286,344" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Budget and Resource Allocation Committee" title="Budget and Resource Allocation Committee" coords="181,358,286,397" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="GLOBE Committee" title="GLOBE Committee" coords="181,411,286,450" href="" shape="rect" /> <area alt="Executive Committee" title="Executive Committee" coords="307,21,440,78" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="College Senate" title="College Senate" coords="301,90,448,169" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Undergraduate Curricula Committee" title="Undergraduate Curricula Committee" coords="332,179,426,217" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Undergraduate Academic Policy Committee" title="Undergraduate Academic Policy Committee" coords="332,225,426,266" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Graduate Academic Affairs Committee" title="Graduate Academic Affairs Committee" coords="332,274,426,315" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Student Affairs Committee" title="Student Affairs Committee" coords="332,323,426,364" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Faculty Affairs Committee" title="Faculty Affairs Committee" coords="332,372,426,413" href="" shape="rect" /> <area alt="Distinguished Academy of Geneseo" title="Distinguished Academy of Geneseo" coords="17,478,95,516" href="" shape="rect" />
<area alt="Ad Hoc Committees" title="Ad Hoc Committees" coords="107,483,184,510" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Roark Award" title="Roark Award" coords="196,483,273,510" href="" shape="rect" /> 
<area alt="Faculty Career Achievement Award" title="Faculty Career Achievement Award" coords="285,483,362,510" href="" shape="rect" />
<area alt="Excellence Committee" title="Excellence Committee" coords="372,483,450,510" href="" shape="rect" /> </map>

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