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Award Description

The Faculty Career Achievement Award is presented by the Faculty, through the Executive Committee, to recognize "outstanding contributions in all three areas of scholarship in their discipline, teaching and curriculum development for the college, and service to the college and community."  With at most one award made each year, it acknowledges the highest levels of achievement by Faculty members.  To be considered, a nominee must be named in three letters from tenured teaching faculty.

This award was authorized by a vote of the Faculty in spring 2016, which created Faculty Constitution, Article VIII, Section 11.

Current Practice

Collection of nominations is managed by the Vice Chair.  The full Executive Committee names the awardee (although the Constitution would allow for a subcommittee).

Ideally nomination letters are sufficiently detailed to determine the award on that basis alone.  Letters are typically one to two pages, although there is no minimum. If needed, the Executive Committee may request additional information.

It is not necessary for each letter to address all three areas of consideration; the Executive Committee can combine the information from multiple letters to get a full picture.

Letters need not all arrive in the same year.  Letters will be archived and reconsidered each year.

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pageFaculty Career Achievement Award Process

FCAA Recipients

2022Stephen Padalino
2019Stacey Edgar
2018Gary Towsley
2017Ronald Herzman