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The Faculty of the College is the underlying body of faculty governance at Geneseo.  However, this does not match the way that the word "faculty" is commonly used.  In the final analysis, the Geneseo Faculty includes all employees who are represented by UUP, with just a few exceptions.

Indeed, the definitions of several terms found in the Policies of the SUNY Board of Trustees conflict with common usage.  However, we are not empowered to redefine them locally.

DefinitionsPoints of Confusion
  • The group of all employees who are represented by the union United University Professions are the "professional staff."  These are divided into two groups, based on job title.
The professional "staff" includes all the people who teach classes.
    • "Academic employees" have job titles indicating a teaching or librarian role.  Together they form the "academic staff."

    • "Professional employees" have any other job titles.

Many members of the professional staff are not professional employees.

  • The "voting faculty" is the group of employees who engage in shared governance.  ("Non-voting faculty" can exist, but are rare.)
The "faculty" may include employees who do not teach classes…
    • Members of the "academic staff" are included in the "voting faculty" by the SUNY Board of Trustees Policies.  Geneseo Faculty Constitution II.1b  names them "teaching faculty."

    • "Professional employees" are included in the "voting faculty" by the Geneseo Faculty Constitution II.1c, which names them "professional faculty."
… and at Geneseo, this is the case.

The College Senate is the the representative governing body of the faculty.  Most of the business of the faculty is conducted in the College Senate.  The Faculty Constitution provides representation of students and administration on College Senate.   This can lead to confusion, since it means that non-faculty are members of this "governing body of the faculty."