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Keep me logged in on this device

When If you check the Keep me logged in on this device box on Geneseo's Central Auth login screen it will set a secure cookie on your device that will allow you login to any Geneseo services that support SSO for up to 2 weeks without having to enter your password again. This time may be lowered by many factors including individual apps requesting a lower authentication time period, or an app logging you out. you should not be asked to reauthenticate in that browser for about 2 weeks.  If you are on a computer device you trust, CIT recommends you check this box. If you do not check the box, your Central Auth session in that browser will last for 9 hours, or until you exit your browser. These times may be lowered by certain factors including an app's logout link that sends you to the Central Auth logout URL (, or individual apps forcing reauthentication.


Do not check this box if you are on a shared computerdevice.

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