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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0
  • If you need help, first check the Wiki Basics space in this wiki. If you don't find the answer to your question there, consult the Confluence User Guide. Please exhaust these resources before contacting a wiki admin or CIT for help.
  • Only Geneseo users may edit the wiki. To edit pages, it is necessary to log in with your Geneseo username and password. To request a Geneseo guest account for an affiliated user of the wiki, contact
  • By default, wiki pages are viewable by anyone with a Geneseo username and password. Please remember this fact when using the wiki for collaborative projects involving sensitive or confidential content.
    • The adminsconfluence group must have administrative permissions in every space.
    • If you want to hide pages in a space or make them available to the general public, you must change the permissions in Browse Space.
    • Wiki spaces may not have world writeable permissions set. This will prevent a large amount of spam from being entered on the Geneseo Wiki.
    • Only a Space Admin may change page permissions. For more on spaces and space administration, see Wiki Basics.
  • MyCourses is the appropriate location for a wiki intended to be used for one semester in a single course.
  • In general, faculty should request a space in Confluence for student work only when
    • the space is to house a long-term project, not a project undertaken for one semester in a single course.
    • the space will not be restricted to a usergroup; i.e., read-write access to the space will be open to the Geneseo community.
  • Faculty interested in using Confluence for student writing should consider using one of the spaces associated with The Collaborative Writing Project.
  • Wiki owners will be asked every year on June 1 if they still need their wiki. If no response within 2 weeks, another email will be sent. If no response in another 2 weeks, the wiki will be archived and removed from the server.
  • Requests for plugins should be directed to These will be tested on a Confluence test server before put on the production server. After thorough testing, installation on the production server will be scheduled and completed.
  • Requests for new spaces or changes to space administration settings should be directed to