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  • Students cannot register for the Internship Program by themselves. The student and faculty director will fill out a contract form. Registration for the internship is completed by the departmental coordinator (or other departmental representative) the first week of classes, upon receipt of the internship contract.
  • The intern will be enrolled under a department course (395). The INTD prefix is to be used only if hte internship is interdepartmental in subject matter. The student can earn a total of 1-15 credits according to the contact hour chart listed below.
CreditsMin clock hours required for semester

(1 credit = minimum 40 hours of work)

  • Failure to complete all requirements for the internship will lead to an incomplete or an Unsatisfactory grade to be given by the faculty director. - Internship credits will be counted as part of the maximum semester hours allowed within a Department.
  • The maximum number of internship credits which may be applied toward requirements in the major will be six credits or less, as determined by the major department. The maximum number of internship credits allowed in a minor will be three credits, unless the internship is a specified requirement in the minor.
  • The maximum number of internship credits allowed for the degree is 15.
  • We encourage students to register for no more than 16 hrs. (including the internship) during a semester in which they are doing an internship.