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Do not store files on lab computers.

Lab computers automatically delete profiles in order to conserve limited hard drive space and improve performance. It is highly recommended that lab patrons store their files on cloud storage such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive both of which are accessible with your Geneseo account, or utilize alternatives such as Drop Box or iCloud Drive. Removable Media (Thumb Drives, External Hard Drives, SD Cards) can also be used on computers that have the appropriate connections.

Remember to Logout.

When you are finished using a computer in the lab, don't forget to logout. If you do not logout, the next person who uses that computer will have access to all of your personal files (including your email). The next user will also be able to use your print balance.

Windows 10: Click on the Windows Start Button (squares in the lower left); on the left side, click on the circle icon with a person and select "sign out" or use the "Log Off" icon located on the desktop.
macOS: Click on the Apple menu; select Log Out.


Computer Lab Locations

Below is a list of Public Computer Labs, Department Computer Labs, and Classrooms with a Teacher Station. For a list of software found in the various labs visit Computer Lab Software Information.

titleCOVID-19 Social Distancing

For the Fall 2020 Spring 2021 semester, most computer labs have reduced capacity to account for Social Distancing requirements.


LocationPlatformNumber of StationsReservablePrinting Available
Brodie 202Mac10 5 Yes


Milne 101 (TERC)Brodie 147WindowsCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLENo36 + 1 (Teacher) 18 + 1 (Teacher)YesYes - PublicToshibasMilne 104PublicToshibas 
Fraser Hall  LibraryWindowsCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEYesYesMilne 201 (Main Floor)MacCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE4 + 1 Accessibility Station 2 + 1 Accessibility StationNoYes - PublicToshibasMilne 201 (Main Floor)Windows
CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEFraser Hall  LibraryMac4 2NoYes - PublicToshibas
South 329Mac4 2 NoYes - PublicToshibas
South 329Windows5 2 NoYes - PublicToshibas
South 345Mac30 9 YesYes
Union 110Windows8 4 NoYes - PublicToshibas
Union 110BWindows3 1 NoYes - PublicToshibas
Union 112Windows2NoNo


LocationDepartmentPlatformNumber of StationsReservablePrinting Available
Bailey 114BPsychologyWindows8 (Laptops)NoNo
Bailey 205GeographyWindows30 + 1 (Teacher) 15 + 1 (Teacher) NoYes
Blake C 110CommunicationWindows8 CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Closed for Spring 2021NoNo
ISC 147BiologyWindows6 CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Closed for Spring 2021NoNo
ISC 216PhysicsMac10NoNo
ISC 226PhysicsWindows13 12 NoNo
ISC 236GeologyWindows20NoYes
South 138BusinessWindows10 7 NoNo


Fraser Hall


202108, 213
Integrated Science CenterWindows115, 131, 325Milne LibraryWindows121, 208, 213 Currently Unavailable
Newton HallWindows201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 214
South HallWindows336, 338, 340
Welles HallWindows24, 26, 121, 123