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You can get an email every time someone posts to the discussion forums. To watch just one topic, go the page for that topic and select Watch from the Tools menu. To watch all the topics, go to Browse > Advanced and click Start watching this space.

Use this forum to discuss how we might revise our major in conjunction with the college's planned reduction of the standard student course load from five courses to four. At our opening department meeting for 2010-11, Beth introduced one possible framework for a revised major. Beth's framework is a useful starting point for discussion but shouldn't operate as a constraint. Use this forum to raise any topic or make any suggestion you like about revising the major.

In thinking about the major, you might also find it helpful to look at our last department self-study and the external reviewers' report on our program.

Click on a topic to initiate or join a conversation about it. To add a new discussion topic, click Add Topic below, give the page a short title, type your question into the editing box, then Save the page. The topic will show up (sometimes after a brief delay) in the table below, and others can converse about the topic using Add Comment.

If you have something to say that doesn't fit into an existing topic but don't want to open a new topic, put it in the open thread. If you just want to recommend a link, add it to Links and other readings.