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Comment: Link to letter re UR flow study

INTD 105 Instructors' Workshop: Flow Study, Assessment

This workshop includes a presentation by a team at the University of Rochester who want writing instructors to participate in a study of teaching flow, and discussion of plans to assess INTD 105 and 106 this semester.

Flow Study

Katherine Schaefer and Matthew Bayne from the University of Rochester described their study of teaching flow in writing. They are looking for instructors who would get a bit of training and then try 1 of 3 instructional methods on a mid-course paper. Participants will be paid, with the exact amount depending on which experimental group they are in.

See this handout letter for the details.

Spring Assessment.

Following up the Fall 2019 retreat and Michael Murphy's report, our goal is to explore where we already are with respect to certain GLOBE outcomes. We hope to use the results in conversations with the provost, CDWG, and similar stakeholders to establish INTD 105's place in GLOBE and justify new resources for it.

The goal is not to define new outcomes for INTD 105 and definitely not to ask instructors to teach anything new in their sections. Rather, we believe that we already implicitly do things that align with GLOBE, and we are interested in gauging the extent to which we actually do.

Participants read the proposed rubric (the first part of this document); Doug and Gillian invited feedback on any aspects of it.