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This list of articles related to assessing undergraduate research (some specific to the humanities) might be useful in general or for the assessment piece of proposals.  The SURE and CURE website (the last item on the list), the work of Dr. David Lopatto at Grinnell, is really worth viewing. He presented at the CUR conference last year, and the session was packed to overflowing.

Some from the Cur Quarterly:

Crowe, M., & Brakke, D. Assessing the Impact of Undergraduate-Research Experiences on Students: An Overview of Current Literature, 28(4) 43-50.

Crowe, M., Dirnaculangan, D., Gosney, J., Pyles, R. Ruben, R, Singh, J. Stamatoplos, A.Wilson, K., & Zrull, M. Using Electronic Portfolios to Measure Student Gains fiom
Mentored Research 24(3), 26-32.

Glazier, D, & Scott, D. D. How Do We Evaluate Student Undergraduate Research? 28(2), 73-76.

DeAngelo, L., & Hasson, T. Quantifjmg Success: Using Control Groups to Measure Program Effectiveness. 29(3), 39-45.

Erbes, S. Interdisciplinary Efforts Used to Assess Research Experiences for Undergraduates.29(2), 34-42.

Hakim, T. Soft Assessment of Undergraduate Research: Reactions and Student Perspectives. 28(4), 189-192.

Gould, C., & Johnson, D. Special Challenges of Assessing Undergraduate Research in the Arts and Humanities. 29(3), 33-3 8.

Manduca, C. Broadly Defined Goals for Undergraduate Research Projects: A Basis for Program Evaluation 28(2), 64-69.

Some Other Articles:
Bauer, K. W., & Bennett, J. S. (2003). Alumni Perceptions Used to Assess Undergraduate Research Experiences. Journal of Higher Education, 74,2 10-230.

Ishiyama, I. (2002). Does Early Early Participation in Undergraduate Research Benefit Social Science and Humanities Students? Journal of College Students, 36(3), 380-386.

Kardash, C. M. (2000). Evaluation of an Undergraduate Research Experience: Perceptions of Undergraduate Interns and Their Faculty Mentors. Journal of Educational
Psychology, 92, 19 1-201.

SURE and CURE website (Developed by Dr. David Lopatto):


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