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This is the wiki home of Paul Schacht's section of English 324, The Nineteenth-Century British Novel, Fall 2009.

The main site for the course is here.

Students enrolled in the course can also find the syllabus and additional course tools when logged into

Want to print out the syllabus for this course? Visit the English 324 Syllabus in the wiki and export the page to pdf or Word.

Some activities for this course will take place inside the wiki, most notably

To participate in these activities, the first thing you'll need to do is set up your personal space in the wiki. To do that, follow these instructions in the Confluence User Guide. (Confluence is the name of the software that powers the Geneseo wiki. The user guide is inside a wiki that looks a lot like the Geneseo wiki because it's running on the same Confluence software.)

Once you've set up your personal space, you should play in it! Try doing these things first:

  • Add News inside your personal space. The "News" area of your personal space is your personal blog in the Geneseo wiki. You'll post to your blog for this class by adding new news.
  • Add a page to your personal space and try out some of the formatting options available to you, such as changing font colors, making text bold, etc.
  • Attach a file to a page you've created.

Confluence takes a little getting used to, but it's really pretty easy to use, and you can contact me by email or IM (see my profile information at right) any time you run into trouble with it.

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