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This is the home of English 315, Victorian Literature, Spring 2012.

Pages you'll find here:

In order to participate in this class, you'll need to use your own personal space in the Geneseo wiki. If you haven't already set one up, you should do that now. Log in (upper right) with your Geneseo username and password. Then mouse over your name and select "Create Personal Space." Be sure that the only access you give to "Anonymous" visitors is "View" access.

Once you've set up your personal space, you should play in it! Try doing these things first:

  • Add a blogpost inside your personal space.
  • Add a page to your personal space and try out some of the formatting options available to you, such as changing font colors, making text bold, etc.
  • Attach a file to a page you've created.

Confluence takes a little getting used to, but it's really pretty easy to use, and you can contact me by email or IM (see my profile information at right) any time you run into trouble with it.

Another tool you'll need for this course is Geneseo Google Apps for Education. You'll use Google Apps to share your papers with me, and we'll sometimes use it together in class. If you haven't already set up your Geneseo Google Apps account, go to CIT's self-help guide to do that now.

AIM  pepys84