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PROGRAM Assessment 2008-2009: ARTS
YOUR NAME AND POSITION:Doug Anderson, Assoc.Prof./Assess. Coordinator

Graduation Skills
Upon completion of the BA program in Art a student will demonstrate skill in one art studiio specialty area. (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramcs, Jewelry, Photography, Computer Art, Graphic Design, Printmaking)

Means of Assessment

As part of a capstone experience, graduating seniors will present a body of work in a specialty area. The faculty committee (minimum of three) will evaluate and rate the quality of the work in the student's specialty area.

Criteria for Success

90% of students will achieve satisfactory ability in the following areas.
10% of students will achieve a highly developed ability in the following areas.

  1. Technical Control and Craftsmanship of Medium
  2. Formal: Use of Design Elements
  3. Conceptual Intention
  4. Verbal

1. Not Meetinglittle or no discernable ability
2. Approaching minimally developed ability and inconsistent
3. Meeting adequately developed ability
4. Exceeding highly developed ability

Senior Exhibition Review Results

Spring 20094 Exceeding 3 Meeting 2 Approaching 1 Not Meeting

Technical 22% not meeting satisfactory level 66% Meeting 11% Exceeding

Formal11% not meeting satisfactory level 77% Meeting 11% Exceeding

Verbal 88% Meeting 11% Exceeding

Conceptual 99% Meeting


• The trend of student success in all artistic skill areas has leveled off or dropped. The Conceptual category continues to be strong, as students are thinking more about the ideas behind their work.

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