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This course was different than the other English courses that I've taken this semester. I learned just how much technology can be involved in learning about literature. Between sites like this blog, the videos that were on the syllabus, and the last flash presentation we watched, I realized that English is much more than just reading novels. The world has grown technologically and this course has shown me that English has grown right along with it, which is pretty cool.

I have always been really bad with class discussions. I'm usually pretty quiet and tend not to speak up, but this course gave you more than one opportunity to participate because you could always blog about anything that was on your mind. Even if I didn't post, I would always like to read everyone else's posts and see what they were thinking about. A lot of the posts opened my mind up to new ideas and talked about things that I hadn't even considered when I was reading on my own. The blog showed that your peers can be one of your greatest learning tools.