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As we were talking about drama in class today, my mind wandered a bit and I thought 'Shakespeare'.  Then my mind wandered even more and I remebered this episode of the Colbert Report I saw the other day.  Both these clips are from the same episode but I thought it would be best to break them up.

The first one deals with Shakespeare in today's world:

In this one, Colbert uses creative metaphor for the economic crisis:



  1. These are priceless. Thanks, Alyssa.

    One of my favorite YouTube videos is this Shakespearean version of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" routine.

    It only makes sense if you've seen or heard the original.

    1. Unknown User (ams40) AUTHOR

      Haha I actually read "Who's on First" on a poster of Abbott and Costello.  Suprisingly it had the entire script of the skit on it.  But I never saw the actual video of it untill now.

      The Shakespeare version of it was very clever too.  I didnt know they had cricket back then o.o