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The Word Plum

by Helen Chasin

The word plum is delicious

pout and push, luxury of
self-love, and savoring murmur

full in the mouth and falling
like fruit

taut skin
pierced, bitten, provoked into
juice, and tart flesh

and reply, lip and tongue
of pleasure.

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  1. Unknown User (snl4)

    There is so much to contribute in class and not enough time.  In case there is no time for me to voice my thought on this poem, I just wanted to say that to me, the structure and form of this poem (a la Sontag) was more important to me this time.  The first line that says "The word plum is delicious," I think I read differently than most.  I read it as "The plum of words", or "The plum that is 'word'".  As though the abstract concept of a word is like a plum, and that what follows is a metaphor for the experience of producing language.  I was not intentionally trying to delve into the meaning when I came to this conclusion - it was basically clear to me the first time I read the poem.  I believe that the syntax pointed me to this conclusion, which might support Sontag's theory.  I doubt my interpretation is right, but nevertheless it was my interpretation, and I think that in itself is what gives it value.