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 When Coca gets sick, Miranda goes to “the other place” to find a solution.  The first thing she does is “keeps staring into the fire.” She knows there is no cure for Coca in the herbs that she keeps hanging “them rusty hooks empty over the mantle” or “layered in clay jars inside the pantry”.  So she looks “past her dried herbs” and into the hearth itself.  Hearths are a central part of the home and of family life.  This hearth is representative of the Day family. “It’s a huge hearth, cause it’s an old house.”  The Days, like the hearth in the home, are a prominent family within Willow Springs.  It is a natural thing for a family that old to have such a powerful role within their community, just like it is natural for a house this old to have this large of hearth.  By staring into the hearth and into her family’s history, Miranda looks for a solution for Coca.  The memories go back through the generations of Day women, starting with Hope and Grace who both died too young.  The final woman that is brought up is “The Mother who began the Days” Sapphira Wade.  It is in the story of Sapphira that Miranda finds the answer she is seeking.  She looks away from the past and the hearth in order to protect the future of the Days.

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