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This is the home and workspace of the President's Commission on Sustainability

The Task Force was first created by Vice President of Administration and Finance, Ken Levison, in 2006. He charged the committee to design and develop small-scale initiatives that would foster wiser use of resources, more recycling and greater conservation efforts.

In June of 2007, President Dahl signed the American College & University President's Climate Commitment. Seeking to meet the requirements of the commitment, as well as developing larger scale initiatives on campus, the committee seeks to be a clearhouse for the school to spread and share opportunities to make the Geneseo campus community more sustainable.  This task force was later converted into a Presidential Commission.



The Sustainability Commission Wiki is officially open for business! Currently, we have some carbon footprint data posted, but more is on the way. Stay tuned!



If you have any trouble accessing this space please contact the CIT Helpdesk at 5588 for immediate assistance.

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