This is the home and workspace of the President's Commission on Sustainability

The Sustainability Task Force was first created by Vice President of Administration and Finance, Ken Levison, in 2006. He charged the committee to design and develop small-scale initiatives that would foster wiser use of resources, more recycling and greater conservation efforts.

In June of 2007, President Dahl signed the American College & University President's Climate Commitment. Seeking to meet the requirements of the commitment, as well as developing larger scale initiatives on campus, the committee seeks to be a clearinghouse for the school to spread and share opportunities to make the Geneseo campus community more sustainable. 

In 2010, the Task Force presented the 2010 Climate Action Plan to the Cabinet to guide institutional sustainability goals and direction.

In 2012, the Task Force was converted into only the second Presidential Commission (alongside the President's Commission on Diversity and Community).

The Sustainability Commission effectively advocated for an Office of Sustainability, which opened in 2013.  The Commission now works in conjunction with the Office of Sustainability to provide long-term guidance, advocacy, and strategic planning to the Cabinet.


Commission Updates

We've been gradually moving all the information from the Sustainability Commission and Task Force over to this wiki page and I just want to draw attention to some key documents that may be useful to you.  For updates and work of the Commission, check out the Executive Memos, Annual Reports, and Charges files.

For ideas on future directions, check out the Sustainability & Climate Action Plans, the Energy Master Plan, and the Sustainability Report files.

Commission meetings are open to all Geneseo community members and they are on zoom.  In the spring semesters, meetings are held on the last Friday of each month at 11 am and in the fall semesters, meetings are held on the first Friday of each month at 11 am.  To register for a meeting, simply find the meeting on the Events Calendar and click the zoom registration information.

If you're interested in being on the Commission, reach out to either co-chair or the Director of Sustainability - names can be found in the updated membership doc on the wiki.



These wiki pages were originally created in 2009 and we are working to update & streamline without losing the documented history of the work of this group.  Please comment and get in touch if there is something that's wrong or out of place and if there is something missing that you think should be here!

Meg Reitz and Ahmad Almomani, co-chairs, 2021-2022

If you have any trouble accessing this space please contact the CIT Helpdesk at 5588 for immediate assistance.

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