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For my optional project I decided to make a replica for the Mad Hatter's hat from the story Alice in Wonderland. These pictures show the process of making the hat and the finished project!    I started of with a heavy piece of mat board and the bottom of an old felt hat. 
 On the top of the mat board I cut slits and folded them down to create a sturdiness for the top of the hat
 Duct tape was very handy in this project!
 I covered the whole hat with duct tap to make it sturdy and then cover the whole at with green material 

 I decorated the hat with a scarf, hat pins, feathers and the famous 10/6 card
 I mounted the hat on a painted piece of wood and added quotes about the head that were present in Alice in Wonderland 
 the final outcome!

While creating this Mad Hatter's hat I began to realize how important the hat and head was in Alice in Wonderland. Throughout the story we hear the Queen shouting in rage "Off with your head!". We hear other people saying they are "mad" which deals with their thoughts in their head. We see the Cheshire cat's head appear and disappear many times throughout the book and the movie. We hear Alice say that "They're fond of beheading here". In Tim Burton's film the Queen's head is shaped in a heart. The head also severs as a symbol of power, for example since the queen wears a crown on her head she has the power to kill and scream "Off with their heads." There are symbols of the head all over in both the books and the films. The head serves as a symbol of life or death, whether it may be Alice's head that is going to be cut off or the Mad Hatters, it is a way of killing through out the story. Throughout reading and viewing Alice in Wonderland, I feel as though the Mad Hatter brings a completely different feel to the symbol of the head. By making and wearing these whimsical hats, the Hatter is changing the symbol of the head to become something that is beautified. The Hatter breaks free of this depressing, killing, life or death way that goes on in Wonderland and brings light to the situation by creating and wearing these flamboyant, extraordinary and elaborate hats. I enjoy how the Hatter changes the symbol of the head in Alice in Wonderland creating a more positive feel, escaping the Queens way of "Off with your head!" 

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