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Directions: To add your abstract and, later, your work-in-progress, you'll need to create a new wiki page as a child of this one.  After logging in, go to the "Add" menu and select "Page."  At the very top of the screen, give this page your last name (which will make it easier for others to find your work in the alphabetical list).  Using the cut/paste function, drop in your text to the new wiki page.  You might have to do a bit of reformatting to get it looking right, but for the most part it's relatively straightforward.  Be sure to click the "Save" button before exiting.
Comments: The list below shows the working groups for this project, which involves your offering productive feedback upon the abstract/work-in-progress of two other members.  Your remarks upon each other's work should be about the length of a well-developed paragraph and identify strenghts, pitfalls, and possibilities as specifically as possible.  To post your comment, be sure you're logged in and go to the page of your group member.  From the "Add" menu, select "Comment" and then have at it: abstract comments due by March 11,  work-in-progress comments due by April 13.
Working Groups:
Aber-Ferri, Alvo, Ammer
Bab, Baker, Barone
Bell, Bukowski, Burning
Castagna, Corrigan, Cunningham
English, Fink, Fitzgerald
Frank, Geiser, Hoestermann
Kirchmeyer, Kroopnick, Kurz
Lafever, Lamont, Langen
LaPietra, LeFevre, McDonald
Millilo, Mirsky, Morris
Netsky, Pisacreta, Sankey
Shon, Taylor, Vasey, Wonderland

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  1. Unknown User (sms28)

    I "attached" the file with my abstract to the page; to see it, click "tools" in the upper-right hand corner, and then "attachments".