Genetically Modified Literature

Genetically Modified Literature is a space where students and faculty can re-code the classics. Part of the Collaborative Writing Project, GML is partly inspired by the online game IVANHOE developed at the University of Virginia.

The re-coding possibilities in this space are limited only by the imaginations of users. Here are some suggestions:


  • Add a page with some text from a literary work in the public domain available from The Gutenberg Project.
  • Save the page to create a record of the original text.
  • Make changes to the text. Other users will be able to compare versions of the text by looking at the page history.
  • Using Add Comment, explain your changes and how they would affect later developments in the text.


Grow appendages

  • Create characters, situations, descriptions, etc. that are not in an original text such as David Copperfield or The Great Gatsby. Explain how adding these to the text would change it.
  • Or: write letters by one or more characters to other characters in the same novel or (see "cross-breed," above) by a character in one novel to a character in another.

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