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  • Catherine and Gwen-Too Much Ego for One Story
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Why do two people just never get along? To me, it makes complete sense. It's easy and simple: their massive egos would not let them stay even in the same room. It's physically impossible. Here I propose that when Catherine and Gwen meet in London for some fanciful shopping in London they automatically despise each other and have nothing good to say about each other... but not to the other's face. That's not in their nature to be honest. This will be an ongoing story and I'm not going to promise anything amazing. Just a dialogue to help others understand how much I do not like about these two. Something about them just bothers me. And I'm pretty sure it's because the two woman (seriously, are they even mature enough to be called that?) cannot understand how someone would not like them.

It was a chilly, rainy day-a typical April in London. Bronte and Eliot, friends in another life, suggested to their inhumane creations a shopping day in London. A day to gossip and meet under the unstrained London shopping atmosphere. The two imaginative women conjured up their female protagonists with a little bit of scientific fiction magic (they used their history lessons from Shelley) and then quickly left and hid throughout London (they had to make sure the experiment was not in anyway flawed, and their presence would cause an altercation in Gwen and Catherine actions).

And so it began. Each noticed the other for her beauty and dress, her style and grace. First impressions are most important, especially the superficial ones. Catherine immediately thought how Gwen would make a perfect counter part for her. Gwen immediately thought of the man off in the distance gazing at both equally suburb women. They obviously had different motives in life. Catherine, set with her love triangle of Edgar and Heathcliffe, and Gwen unsatisified with Grandcourt. However, both were much more similiar then anyone could imagine-both giving up true love for something more monetary prosperous. They approached each other with calm and quiet. Said their hellos and polite comments about the other's dress. How thrilled each was to met the other. It was lies. All lies.

In actuality, both were incredibly jealous of the other. Gwen of how Catherine was wanted by 2 men. Catherine of Gwen's travels and adventures. From years of sitting on the shelves of English majors everywhere, they had absorbed each other's stories and knew a great deal about each other. At times they even shared a class or too. Students would "plough" through with difficulty and, in the end, curse they day they were forced to take a 19th Century Brit Lit class. Both Gwen and Catherine thought this was all bullshit, although they would never admit it. How could know appreciate their tales of love, living, and life? It was an absurd thing. Surely someone cared about them as much as they cared about themselves! And somewhere, I'm sure someone does. It is evident and important to mention that neither Catherine nor Gwen really cared about the other's story. Yes, they knew each other well, but they weren't friends and didn't care much for each other.

From my tangent, I continue. The woman talked about the unimportant things. The superficial was what they dabbled in. They ignored the plain fact that both important to the development of female author's or how Eliot loved writing so much, transformed herself into a man in order to create characters that could inspire others. Or how Bronte and her sisters were feminist in the vicorian sense. How both authors shaped novel writing and history. How they names are common and normal in an academic setting. I'm not suggesting a polar opposite of what has been suggested earlier. I will never agree with "loving" Brit lit. It's interesting, but I prefer my early 20th Century American writers. However, this writer can appreciate the struggles Bronte and Eliot went through to become publish. And again, I deffered from the original topic.

In the end, there is nothing to say. The two woman would talk idly until it was time to part. They would not have any deep conversations. Nothing in common, except their selfish attitudes. Although it is not expected that Gwen and Catherine would automatically become the best female friend that each so desperately needed, it would be hoped that they would see this need and at least try. But they cannot. The sad part is, after these brief paragraphs, this writer has become sympathetic with the two leading ladies. They may be self-centered pricks at times, but maybe it is only because they were never taught the importance of friendship. They learned that life was about finding a suitable, profitable marriage. They didn't go off to college and live with a stranger. A stranger she could completely confinde in and eventually call a best friend. That's what CAtherine and Gwen really need. A chance to go off to college and learn more about themselves and the importance of friendship.

Okay, so that got incredibly sentimental. But I can't help but feel bad now for these characters that only 20 minutes ago i despised. Catherine and Gwen are perfect for each other they way that Cher and Dionne are perfect for each other. The way that Spencer and Heidi are perfect for each other. Their self centered ways are so important that they can only care for someone else that only cares about themselves as well...

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