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My Song.m4a (collaboration with Brandon Jean-Pierre--he did the beatboxing)

My Song 2.m4a

There are two versions of this rap, one with a beat and one without; but, the lyrics are the same. (Rapping is done by me. Lyrics are also written by me.)

Yo Scrooge

You must be blinded by the green

The substance that's turned you mean

Don't share, don't care, that's all you need

Until you late night visit from Marley

So now you toss and turn and shiver and scream

Because you can't escape truth's reality

You're stuck in the muck you created

Now you're locked up, incarcerated

Your fiancee left you 

It's time to get a clue

Did it ever occur to you, Ebenezer

that you need her

that your dough's no comfort

that it only brings hurt?

No man, don't lie,

we all know your business

is just an alibi

I understand the fuel for ambition

But it's gone above and beyond

into obsession

You need to forget the money

and give to charity

before your life ends

pathetic tragedy

You don't need more gold

when your heart's gone cold

"Bah, humbug" you say?

Christmas isn't just any other day

How did you like being haunted by three ghosts?

Each one showing you what you regret and fear most

Past, Present, and Future

Use their advice and towards your soul

start the nurture

help the poor, give a little more

forget the workhouses and prisons

you can save the citizens

Remember a time when

You were Tiny Tim?

The poor boy in the corner

The sad little mourner

The future's in your hands

So show some empathy and give a donation

a step to improve

the impoverished nation

Don't be chained by greed,

the desire to succeed.

C'mon Scrooge,

open your eyes and realize what you need money can't buy

All the love it gives you is nothing but

a lie 

Bah Humbug!

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