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The General Education Committee

Under Article X of the SUNY Geneseo College Senate Constitution, the General Education Committee is a standing committee of the College.

The functions of the General Education Committee shall be (1) to oversee the General Education Curriculum, (2) to continuously assess the effectiveness of that curriculum, and (3) to consider innovations that might further strengthen the congruence of that curriculum with best practices in higher education and the mission and goals of the College. In its oversight role, the Committee shall communicate its concerns directly to the General Education Area Committees and to the Dean of the College. In its assessment role, the Committee shall work in conjunction with the Assessment Planning Committee. In its development role, the Committee shall forward recommendations both to appropriate committees of the Senate and to the Provost and President.

The Committee is composed of five elected faculty (one each from Natural Science-Computer Science-Mathematics; Professional Programs; Fine Arts; Humanities; Social Science) serving two-year terms; the nine Chairs of the General Education Area Committees (Natural Science, Social Science, Fine Arts, Humanities, Non-Western Traditions, Critical Writing/Reading, Numeric/Symbolic Reasoning, U.S. History, and Foreign Language); one member from Student Affairs professional staff (appointed by the President), serving a two-year term; one student member from the Academic Affairs Committee of the Student Government Central Council, serving a one-year term; and one student selected by the Provost from a slate of nominees prepared by faculty and staff, serving a two-year term. The Committee is chaired by a representative of the Provost's office.

The General Education Area ("Core") Committees formulate area learning outcomes, maintain the integrity of area offerings, and review new candidates for addition to the list of eligible courses in each area.

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