Gen Ed Committee for 2018-2019

Charlie Freeman, Committee Chair

Elected Faculty by Academic Area
Fine Arts: Lynette Bosch-Burroughs, Art History (2017-2019)
Humanities: David Levy, Philosophy (2017-2019)
Natural Sciences & Math: George Marcus (2018-2020)
Professional Studies: David Granger, School of Education (2018-2020)
Social Sciences: Jim Aimers, Anthropology (2017-2019)

Gen Ed Area Chairs
Natural Sciences: Charlie Freeman, Physics and Astronmoy
Social Sciences: Leonie Stone, School of Business
The Arts: Steven Stubblefield, Theatre and Dance
Western Civilization/Humanities: Heidi Savage, Philosophy
Basic Communication: Gillian Paku, English and Doug Baldwin, Mathematics
Mathematics: George Reuter, Mathematics
Other Worlds/Civilizations: Carlo Filice, Philosophy
American History, Jordan Kleiman, History
Foreign Language, Lori Bernard, Languages and Literatures

Student and Campus Life
Rebecca Berger (2018-2020, Appointed by President)

Julia Fiato, (2017-2019, Appointed by Provost)
Sandra Kralik (2018-2019 Appointed by Student Association)

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