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Collaborative Essays and Articles

Collaborative Essays and Articles is part of the Collaborative Writing Project, a ring of associated spaces on the Geneseo wiki devoted to using and reflecting on collaborative authorship as a pedagogical and scholarly tool.

To start new article or essay with your students (only faculty may do this), follow these steps:

  1. Request membership in the Collaborative Essays and Articles usergroup with an email to schacht-at-geneseo-dot-edu.
  2. Use the "Add Page" link to create a child of the present page. Your students' essay/article will live on this child page.
  3. Before saving your essay/article page, scroll to the bottom, click the "edit" button next to the word "Restrictions," and be sure that there are no restrictions on the page.
  4. Now you and your students will be able to create as many children of your essay/article page as you need.

Learn more about the Collaborative Writing Project.