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Task force leaders

  • Ken Asher
  • Maria Lima
  • Caroline Woidat
  • Jun Okada

Other task force participants

Melanie Blood


  • Revise Comparative Literature requirements (Ken, Maria, & Languages and Literatures professors)
  • Revise American Studies requirements (Caroline & Am. Studies professors)
  • Create steering committee for American Literature (Caroline & Am. Studies professors)
  • Revise Film Minor requirements and consider adding capstone project (Jun, Ken & Melanie)
  • Explore possibility of Senior Writing Seminar for interdisciplinary projects (Caroline, Maria, Melanie)
  • Explore possibility of Visual Studies minor or concentration (Jun & Melanie)
  • Explore possibility of bringing consultant/speaker to campus


By October 28, 2011

By December 12, 2011

By March 7, 2012

By May 2012

By August 1, 2012

coordinate effort to bring speaker

meetings with other faculty to discuss curriculum revisions, steering committee

discuss proposed changes with English department

speaker/consultant to campus

proposal for Senate completed


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