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Dear All:  Here is the redesign of the film studies minor with Course Proposals and Curriculum Proposal attached.  Jun Okada.

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Microsoft Word Document ENGL_399.docx Course Proposal for Film Studies Directed Study Aug 25, 2012 by Paul Schacht
Microsoft Word Document FILM_MINOR_Proposal.docx Proposal for Film Studies Minor Aug 25, 2012 by Paul Schacht
Microsoft Word Document ENGL_349.docx Course Proposal for Film Theory Aug 25, 2012 by Paul Schacht
Microsoft Word Document ENGL_349_syllabus.docx Sample Syllabus for Film Theory Aug 25, 2012 by Paul Schacht
Microsoft Word Document ENGL_259_syllabus.docx Sample Syllabus - The Horror Film Aug 25, 2012 by Paul Schacht
Microsoft Word Document ENGL_259.docx Course Proposal - Topics in Film Studies Aug 25, 2012 by Paul Schacht

Redesign of the film studies minor:

The changes I have suggested in redesigning the film studies minor include:

-a new course designation of Film Studies or FMST.

-the creation of new courses with official Course Proposals: FMST 259: Topics in Film Studies, FMST 349: Film Theory and Criticism.  A proposal for the video production course, FMST 279 will be proposed by Melanie Blood separately.

-the redesign of the Film Studies Minor with an official Program Proposal.

Please see the specific attached Course and Program Proposals for details. 


Film Studies Minor

Coordinator: Jun Okada, Department of English


The Film Studies minor provides students with substantial interdisciplinary study of the history, aesthetics, and cultural position of film. Students will acquire a critical vocabulary for analyzing films and a technical vocabulary for discussing the craft. They will also learn about the history of film and the development of its many genres and movements. Courses are mostly designated under the English or Film Studies, but may be taken with appropriate subtitles from other departments.  The interdisciplinary approach brings diverse cultural perspectives to the analysis of film and its role in our culture. Although the film minor is intended only to support a chosen major field of study, students may elect to explore possible graduate study in film studies or careers in filmmaking and its related fields.


Total Hours Required 21 semester hours (unless already indicated in the course title, all courses taken must have an appropriate subtitle, i.e., “film”)


Basic Requirements

12 semester hours

FMST 285

F/Introduction to Film Studies (offered in the Fall)


FMST 279

Video Production (offered in the Spring)


FMST 349

Film Theory (offered every other year)


FMST 399

Film Studies Minor Directed Study/Capstone Project (a research paper, short film, internship, or full length screenplay). Required: Basic requirements of the film minor (Engl 285, 279, 349, and INTD 210).


Electives (MUST TAKE at least 3 courses from following list. Some courses may be taken twice under a different subtitle)

9 semester hours



FMST 259

Topics in Film (offered at least once a year; may be taken more than once under a different subtitle)



FMST 359

Film Authors


 FMST 210

Elements of Screenwriting



INTD 210

Topics in Film (offered at least once a year; may be taken more than once under a different subtitle)



ENGL 239

American Visions. (with appropriate title such as The Film Hero, American Avant Garde Film)



ENGL 267

M/Non Western Literature (with appropriate subtitle such

as Hong Kong Action Film)



ENGL 288

Experimental (with appropriate subtitle such as Film Noir)



AMST 201

Topics in American Studies (with appropriate subtitle, such as Film and Literature on New York City)



ANTH 229 S/M/Ethnography and Film

This course is designed to explore ethnographic findings and focus on use of photography, film and video in ethnographic research. ANTH 100 or ANTH 101. Credits: 3(3-0). Offered every fall.



COMN 270 Mass Media & Popular Culture:


This course explores the participation of popular media in the development and maintenance of cultural and sub-cultural identities, values, and gender roles in society. Credits: 3(3-0). Offered once yearly.



ENGL 237

Voices and Perspectives (with appropriate subtitle such as Asian American Film and Video)



ENGL 241

World Literature (with appropriate subtitle)



ENGL 339

American Ways (with appropriate subtitle) Prerequisites: ENGL 170.  Credits: 3(3-0). Offered every spring.



ENGL 250

Literature and (with appropriate subtitle)



FREN 365

Selected topics in French literature (with appropriate subtitle of film)



SPAN 382

Selected topics in Hispanic literature (with appropriate subtitle of film)