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Humans and Technological Tools

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  1. Unknown User (cjs3)

    Hi Becca,

    I see where your article is going but I sort of wish you wouldn't limit yourself to books.  There's so much more you can do with the article if you use the more inclusive "texts".  That way, you can focus the thrust of your argument on books while comparing and contrasting other digital media just to balance the content of the article a bit.  

    Also, not too many people are going in depth with networking.  If you were to foreground the networking aspect of your article, that would easily add a dimension that's just not present in the four or five other article that are talking about publishing.  It would be refreshing to see some sort of discussion on the matter.

  2. Unknown User (sfh2)

    I definitely like the direction that you're going with your topic. I've read a bunch of the same/similar articles, and one about enhanced e-books that would offer a little more of a perspective on the idea of enhanced e-books and the possibility of increased success on that (I'll try and find it again and post it here). I actually helped someone self-publish a book, just so he could have a book published, not necessarily for success, a bit like the under 15 author who has been published twice, and he was telling me about the lack of success that he was expecting. I know something that I find interesting about self-publishing  is the lack of "quality-control" - maybe not the best phrase to use, but I think it conveys my point. It seems like as long as you can afford to have a book published, you can - you don't have to go through a publishing house and make a sincere attempt at your work. It's indicative of our culture of instant gratification. <--Here's the article I was talking about.

  3. Unknown User (al10)

    This is a very good topic. It seems to be very well developed in the beginning, but I would expand upon how self publishing and even the overwhelming access of texts affect our culture more. I loved the article about child authors. I would have never have thought the self publishing industry being utilized by children and their parents who forge their children's paths as if it were travel soccer. Maybe you could provide another example of how self publishing affects our culture, it would help to further develop that part of your Storify.

  4. Unknown User (omh1)

    I like your topic and find the issue of self-publishing fascinating for the reason you pointed out: some people have been very successful doing so.  Some suggestions I had were that perhaps you could narrow down your title from talking about “Access” to something more related to self-publishing.  Also, what are some of the effects on self-publishing on culture?  Have any released works indicated this.  I remember reading something about this book recently Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James that was released as an e-book, and went on to become and best seller and they are currently developing a film adaptation.

  5. You cover a lot of territory here, Becca, and raise some great questions. You may want to go back over your prose to sharpen your wording in places; you may also want to move some sections of your writing around for the sake of clearer organization. On the question of failure, you might want to incorporate some of Shirky's ideas from Here Comes Everybody. One indisputable effect of digital culture has been to lower the cost of failure, and Shirky has some interesting thoughts about the consequences.