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I find myself wishing I could put people's speech, politicians' statements, and facebook statuses into Textstat write now and see how many times the words "proud/pride" and "celebrate" (or any of its forms) come up. I am deeply moved and disturbed by what's going on right now, but I'll probably post more later either here or on my individual blog or on facebook or something. There's a lot to sort through right now as our nation navigates this moment in global history.

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  1. Unknown User (dmb21)

    You are exactly right, it is hard to describe this wave of updates other than it blew my mind. 

  2. Unknown User (ees14)

    Going along with what you're saying about Facebook and Twitter, check out this blog post on to see how the news went around the world.

  3. Unknown User (sl27)

    I have to admit, I was up doing homework and found out when I randomly decided to check my facebook....and then caught the live announcement from the white house just like the article describes.  I agree with Danielle and Jesse....the facebook responses were overwhelming.....