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... though "heard" isn't quite the right term, is it?

BBC: Bin Laden raid was revealed on Twitter


  1. Unknown User (eps3)

    this is something I was going to blog about. It is interesting to see the huge amount of facebook statuses on this topic. I wonder how everyone heard about this story? It would be an interesting class discussion

  2. Unknown User (ecb8)

    This is really interesting! When I logged on to Facebook last night, my news feed was nothing but status updates about Osama bin Laden. How did everyone hear so fast? Surely the entire campus wasn't poised in front of the T.V. or refreshing NYT page every few minutes. I heard because my friend texted me "turn on your television now" and so I shirked my studying, went to the NYT website, and then found the msnbc live feed. How did everyone else find out?

    1. Unknown User (jag5)

      I got a two line text from a friend: "Osama is dead. Turn on the news." And I wound up watching CNN for the next hour.