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In keeping with my innate and deep-seated fear of having things stolen from me on the internet, I thought it was very appropriate to link y'all to Mr. Stephen Colbert's feud with the Huffington Post.

He literally reposted their website under a new header. All the same stuff, but with a new header.

And if that's not scary, they did the same to him, with the Huffbert Nation.

Here's an article by The Christian Science Monitor (which I never expected to link to), that makes a good point. Colbert's satirical theft of HuffPo is an attempt to draw attention to how intellectual theft is almost acceptable on the internet, and how rare original thought really is out in the Tubes. And, if Google really IS trying to remove links that aren't original sources, what was the point of the AOL takeover of HuffPo in the first place, and will it turn out worth it?

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