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Carmedy West is a SUNY Geneseo senior and an Edgars Fellow pursuing a BA in Anthropology. Last semester, she and I discussed the possibility of her joining Honr 206, Digital Humanities, from Al Akhawayan University in Morocco, where she's spending her final semester of study before graduation. Our plan was to have her join our class meetings by Skype or Gchat. We were both excited about the idea, but unfortunately, Fatima's schedule became too complicated for the idea to work.

Fatima recently sent me the link to her senior honors capstone project in Anthropology, "Fatima's Blessing: Hijabi in the USA."

Fatima writes,

For my capstone I spent a little longer than one month wearing the Muslim hijab, or head scarf, as part of my capstone's larger focus on the image of women who elect to wear the head scarf in the United States. To communicate with others and publish my work I created a Blogspot account at and updated it daily throughout the course of my project alongside a Youtube account that I also posted video blogs on. The result was an outpouring of both support and hostility toward my project from all across the world — the majority of support coming from Muslims and the majority of hostility coming from Anti-Islamists. It actually became very fascinating and although I've stopped updating the blog daily since the most exciting portion is up I thought you might beinterested anyway since I believe it falls under the scope of Digital Humanities.

Fatima's YouTube channel is here.

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