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I'll use the matrix below to grade the "online writing" that constitutes 15% of your grade in this course. Your grade for online writing (A-E) will be determined by often you write and how thoughtfully you write. Grammar, usage, and punctuation won't be factors in and of themselves, though "thoughtful" implies some care taken in the expression of ideas. Length is not a factor, either: "short" and "thoughtful" go together perfectly well, and what's "long" isn't "thoughtful" at all if it could have been said in half as many words. Although the matrix uses the word "posts" for this writing, "contributions" would be more accurate, since some of your online writing may take the form of writing and editing in Google docs. The kinds of contribution I'll be counting as "online writing" include:

  • Posts to the "Practicing Criticism" blog (group blog)
  • Posts to your personal blog (i.e, the blog in your Geneseo wiki personal space)
  • Comments on posts to either of these blogs, including replies to comments on your own posts
  • Contributions to discussion threads at
  • Contributions to Annotated Literary Texts
  • Contributions to shared Google docs on general topics (as opposed to your classmates' paper drafts)
  • Tweets with the hashtag #Engl170

So that I can find all your stuff, you should curate it as much of it as possible in your personal space.


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