Jazz great Dave Brubeck has died at 91. New York Times obit here.

In addition to recording the legendary "Take Five" (above), written by his saxophonist Paul Desmond, Brubeck covered the theme to Disney's animated film version of Alice in Wonderland (1951):

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  1. Unknown User (jca4)

    A good friend called me shortly after class today to tell me Brubeck had died.  Dave Brubeck's music has always been a huge inspiration to me and the development of my musical voice, most specifically in regards to his experimentation with unnatural time signatures.  In fact I spent a lot of time listening to both Brubeck's and Bill Evans' versions Alice in Wonderland while beginning my project.  Despite the fullness of his life and his innumerable accomplishments and contributions to the world of music, it is still heartbreaking to see a remarkable man like Brubeck pass.