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Sorry for bringing the topic back to Alice, but...I have been brainstorming ideas for the Paper 2 that is due in a little while. We spent a day asking questions about the topic and what would be a good route to take, but now that I am geting down to writing it I am not sure if my topic is a good one. Professor Schacht said that if we have questions to bring them up in class, but since we already spent one day on Paper 2, I thought I would write a blog post instead, that way whatever contributions any of us have it will be easier to remember since its on the blog website.

The idea I plan to write my "They say/I say" paper on is how each generation envisions Alice in our own way and finds new possible meanings for Carroll's books. I got the idea from when Professor Schacht brought up the idea of feminism in Tom Burton's newest version of Alice and how our generation influenced these features to come out in the movie. I started to wonder what influenced the layout of the other movies that recreate Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, like the 1951 animated film that or the 1972 version was made during the "Golden Age" of child-rearing or the 1972 version made in the middle of the Cold War. I think my "They say" statement will be along the lines of having someone say there is only one interpretation of books or that the meanings of novels cannot evolve as time passes and our society changes. I plan to counter this verdict by demonstrating the static and newer ideas that each generation takes from Carroll's books to prove that I believe books adapt to the generation, or something like that.

So, Professor Schacht, does this idea seem to be on the right track? Do I need to clear any confusion up? Does anyone in the class have any helpful criticism for me?

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