I came across this picture on Pinterest and it immediately reminded me of what we were discussing in class pertaining to copyrights and it was especially interesting because it is a picture from a scene in Through the Looking Glass. Lessig talks about the development of fair use, which means the material can be quoted word for word, as long as it is for commentary/criticism or parody. This could be considered a commentary on Lewis Carroll's work, but that is subjective. If it weren't deemed a commentary, could this person with the tattoo be guilty of copyright infringement? The idea that the person would suffer any type of consequences for tattooing a scene from Through the Looking Glass is absurd and extremely improbable. However, legally, would it be possible? Just an interesting thought when applied to how copyright and publishing have evolved as discussed in the Lessig presentation! At least the person chose the original text, instead of Disney's version.

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  1. Unknown User (ncs3)

    This is an interesting question. I'm not sure if this person can get introuble for copy right because it's on a human being than being copied on paper. But in reality this person could because they have taken the picture from a copy right picture. It would only make sense if they did get introuble, to now I am curious about this.