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English is a substantial major that offers interested students the opportunity to get chunks of science, anthropology, and other majors in addition to the essentials to become a well informed writer and reader. One reason why I declared English as my major is because writing is crucial in any career path and understanding what you read is also very important. Having these tools mastered as an undergraduate student is an advantage when pursuing any career. Learning about the Literature that shaped our culture is worth learning. Through texts, poems, and media that address aspects of culture in different eras, an English major can get a chunk of anthropology while still performing and mastering the techniques of reading and understanding, writing, and analyzing. An English major, in the end of their undergraduate education will be well rounded and well trained to pursue a career in many different fields. Their range of reference is broad due to their list of books read and exposure to media also their class interactions and discussions based on pieces from the past and the present. Biology majors can only rely on their scientific knowledge when selling themselves to an employer while an English major will whip out their quick thinking techniques along with their great analyzing skills; not to mention their knowledge about culture and their great communication skills that will woo the employer. 

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