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Major in English - Youtube Video

In response to the Lamron article, “The Faceoff: Legitimacy of the English major questioned” I agree with some of the points made but also believe that English is a legitimate major. In the video attached from Grant MacEwan College, viable reasons to support English are outlined. Passions for ones major is essential for ones success. A biology major may chose to purse this field for the love of science and medicine, someone who has a love for teaching chooses an Education major, and a student who encompasses excitement for literature, communications, writing and history chooses English. We must become educated on what we have a passion for, not something that we know will make us immediately employable, but in something that will we find enjoyable. Most students will purse a graduate program, English will prepare you for any field of study through critical thinking skills, writing, and communication. English is a well rounded subject. With this degree you are not confined to one career path but, English students will be able to branch off into law, business, communications, executive positions, and any writing based occupation. Being an English major does not mean you are undecided, it means you are aware that this field will prepare you with the skills for job you wish to obtain.

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