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Practicing Criticism launched in fall 2010 as a project of four faculty in the Geneseo English department: Paul Schacht, Caroline Woidat, Rob Doggett, and Gillian Paku.

The four of us were looking for a way to strengthen our students' sense of English as a discipline organized by certain assumptions, activities, and questions shared by the people who practice it — people who also differ, sometimes dramatically, in the way they think and write about literature.

We wrote about our experience in Academic Commons — the online journal of NITLE, the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education.

This semester (fall 2011), Schacht, Woidat, and Doggett are teaching English 170 again, this time joined by SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Gene Stelzig.

The collaboration is looser this time around. We haven't coordinated our syllabi or activities as closely as we did last year. But this space will continue to be a hub for the four sections of the course, a place where students in each section can learn something about what's happening in all the others, and where, from time to time, they can share ideas, engage in conversation, and perhaps even work on some projects across sections.