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We are planning a major confluence upgrade for the evening of June 1st starting at 11:00pm. The Geneseo wiki will be online by noon on Saturday, June 2nd. This will take us to version 4.1 of the Confluence wiki. There are many great new features in 4.1 but also a major change to the way the editor works.

Feature overview

Atlassian has provided two pages that cover a lot of the new features of confluence 4.0 and 4.1.

Here is a very short list of new features you can expect

  • Totally new and upgraded editor.
  • Paste, Re-size and Link images.
  • Enhanced and easier table editing.
  • @mentions just like twitter.
  • Paste a link to a supported service in like youtube and it will auto convert it to an embedded video link.
  • Image Effects.
  • Find and replace text in the editor.

New Editor

By far the largest and most noticeable change is that confluence editor has been completely redone. Some of you will notice that the new editor does not allow you to view your page in "wiki markup". You can still type in wiki markup and it will be converted as you type to formatted text.

If you like a much more in depth look at the new editor check out the Confluence editor ninja article at Atlassian.

Testing the new version

We have setup a test installation of the new wiki with data from around January. We highly recommend you check out your wiki pages in this wiki and see if everything is working. With this major upgrade many plugins have been updated or rewritten. One major plugin that is still in beta is the Community bubbles plugin. We are using the latest beta on our test site and have not seen any major issues.

With over 20 major new features and many more minor changes, all wiki users are encouraged to read the full release notes.