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CIT recently upgraded Confluence, the software that runs this wiki, to 3.1. Along with many bug fixes and security updates, here is a list of some of the more exciting new features.

  • Office 2007 support - Confluence now supports the uploading and display of Office 2007 documents. (docx, xlsx, and pptx)
  • Drag and Drop uploading - Simply drag files from your desktop to the edit window or the upload images window and they are automatically uploaded and attached to the document you are currently editing. (Requires installation of google gears on your computer.)
  • Enhanced 'Move Page' support - a new dialogue has been added to ease the moving pages within a space or to an entirely different space.
  • Enhanced Image Browser - The Image browser interface has been enhanced to show much larger previews of your images and made easier to navigate.
  • Enhanced 'Page Restrictions' - the interface for restricting access to a page has been enhanced and made much easier to access and use.
  • Rich Text Editor enhancements - The rich text editor has been enhanced, it is both faster and includes shortcuts to insert more commonly used items by using the insert menu.
  • Enhanced browser support for the rich text editor - The rich text editor now supports more browsers including: Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8, and Firefox 3.5.
  • Share pages more easily - by using the 'Link to this page' option offering the link in three formats depending on your audience.

Confluence has an exhaustive list of the updates which can be found on their site . You also can watch their video of the new features.

We hope you enjoy the upgrade and please let us know of any bugs or issues you encounter.

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  1. Unknown User (wjr3)

    Looks great. Though 3.2 is already out...