CIT Telephone services has received numerous complaints concerning an influx of telemarketing phone calls to campus phone lines. The campus is receiving a variety of calls, such as automated attendant voices, arbitrary fax calls to a non-fax phone numbers, unwanted faxes to actual fax lines and harassment gimmicks from foreign countries. We are asking that all departments and employees take a few minutes to register their office phone numbers (both desk and fax lines) on the national "Do Not Call Registry". We are unable to register all campus phone lines, as the registry will not accept a range of numbers.

Simply go to and click on "Register a Phone Number". You will be able to register up to three phone numbers at one time and you must enter a valid email address. You may even want to register your personal phone lines while visiting this site. You will receive an email to the address you enter and must click on the link within 72 hours to validate the request. It may take 5 to 7 days for the registry to take effect and although it states it is permanent, you may want to update it periodically if you notice an increase in unwanted calls. By completing this registry, you can dramatically reduce the number of unwanted/unsolicited calls to your campus phone line.

Should you or someone in your office receive calls that are harassing in nature, please report it to University Police. UP is responsible for investigating all calls that are made with intent to annoy, harass, threaten or alarm an individual. CIT Telephone Services is not able to provide call record detail to any other entity except law enforcement. In addition, we are limited in our ability to block such unwanted call activity without a police report.

Thank you for taking the time to review this important information and for registering your campus phone lines with the Do Not Call registry.